Agile Teams exhibit different stages of team development. In 1960s, Bruce Tuckman identified four stages that teams normally experience – Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. Teams that are transforming from Waterfall to Agile methodology, using Scrum and existing Agile teams would find the following as a reference in their path to reaching a high performing […]

Sprint Backlog – Life cycle of a user story in a Sprint  A Sprint backlog contains a list of stories and defects that your team has committed for a given sprint. Each story or defect in the Sprint backlog has a life cycle resulting in one of the possible states shown below. Using this, your product owner […]

Ever wonder how Scrum Masters can serve your teams besides removing impediments or facilitating scrum meetings? Given that each team is different, there are several scenarios that require varying levels of coaching team members. I believe coaching can be applied in areas such as technical, engineering, framework and methodology, while other areas such as ‘passion’, […]

Introduction The Sprint Planning is a collaborative session to Define the sprint goal Identify the stories, technical debt, defects that the team shall commit in a given sprint. Identify the corresponding tasks and acceptance tests required for the ones committed. Pre-requisites for Sprint Planning session Release Plan – Prioritized list of items for a given […]

“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein. I wrote my last line of code almost a decade ago. Since I had survived a life practicing C++, I assumed that any other path, especially the unpaved one of a scrum master, wouldn’t be harder. Back then, I had search engines to support me […]